After chapter 1, there's no more story dialog. There are some grammar lapses as well. When you encounter scenes with text bubbles, they disappear too fast bwfore you're able to read the dialog. You can also air juggle enemies to death which is super cheesy and boring. Try limiting the amount of combo you can do while air juggling enemies pls. I like how you can do a follow up attack after using a skill but dont use the same attack for both the skills. Try coming up with a different follow up attack for the other skills. There's also no dodge or dash during adventure. Also, exp, gold, and the 3rd dungeon should have difficulties so people can farm higher difficulty dungeons with more rewards. But all of these are just way to improve the game. Hope to see this game grow and improve more. Also, improve the background quality for adventure and also other low quality graphics like loading screens. But all in all, thanks for making a game with big potential.
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