League of Legends: Wild Rift
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【UPDATED】“League of Legends: Wild Rift” Alpha Test Launch! Video, Official related are all here


The much-anticipated mobile league battler, "League of Legends: Wild Rift" finally has its first test, the Alpha Test launched in the Philippines and Brazil.

Tap will bring the latest and most comprehensive test-related content to all players for the first time, including login related information, multi-directional video introduction and official related information of the game, please enjoy!
The wild rift alpha test is a very limited-range test and requires pre-registration in Brazil and the Philippines AND eligible test invitation from Riot (game official) that able to participate in this alpha test. 

👇 Read more about the alpha test 👇
【UPDATED】A guide to the "Wild Rift" Alpha Test

However, Tap prepared a bunch of gameplay and related videos in this Guide, and will keep updating more in-game videos about the Alpha Test, you can simply find them below.
⦿  Youtuber Review
      •  The 'Guide' gives everything you MUST know about “Wild Rift”
      •  wasab0 shows you a full game review to the “Wild Rift” Alpha Test
⦿  Champion Gameplay
      •  Lux / Jhin / Gragas
      •  Yasuo
      •  Ezreal
      •  Garen
      •  Jax
      •  Jinx
      •  Ashe
      •  Vi
      •  Barum
      •  Graves
      •  Fiora
      •  Soraka
⦿  In-game Gameplay
      •  A Summoner's-Rift adventure from the Youtuber: PRIMEIRA PARTIDA
      •  Alpha Test Gameplay - Byakuya Kuchiki invites you to the Summoners Rift
      •  “Wild Rift” Alpha Test Gameplay by the Youtuber: Gaming Mobile
⦿  More Reveals
      •  What is the difference between “PC League” and “Wild Rift”?
      •  About Runes & Items in the “Wild Rift” Alpha Test
      •  A video showcases in-game champions and skins in the alpha test
      •   “League of Legends: Wild Rift” Dev Diary: June 2020 - Gameplay Reveal
      •  “League of Legends: Wild Rift” Alpha first balance patch notes
      •  “League of Legends: Wild Rift” Dev Diary: May 2020 - Gameplay Reveal
      •  “League of Legends: Wild Rift” details revealed in the Dev Diary · March 2020
      •  Alpha Test is coming? Riot announced “LoL: Wild Rift” new information! 
      •  “LoL Wild Rift” Public Test Spot on CCXP19

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League of Legends: Wild Rift
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Hope I can be one of those chosen alpha testers ☹️

Enter your name Reply Donny Lagarense : ya udh sih g usah main game gitu aja ribet!
User98832621 : yang bacod tier ml ny epic jadi belum sempat mithyc udah ada aj game baru
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26 57

Why cant we play it on TapTap and when we will be able to play it?

Nguyễn Vũ Linh : đăng nhập acc nó cứ ghi kết nối k ổn định là sao ta?
Trái Và Phải : toi dk lúc đâu moi thong bao, van meo dc choi day
11 Replies
11 36

maybe june 29 is the official release of LOLWR?...

crusherzs : hahaha,what a waste on time to wait this...
User1773246 : late 2020
7 Replies
7 4

So hope :>

Ngọc Minh : kệ hải
Long Vũ Reply Chilled Cow : địt mẹ wibu
10 Replies
10 23

NAKAKAINIS bakit wala parin kami invitation...

Chris.. Reply alakazam : hahahahha antay Lang ako nga larong laro na din ahahah
Nikko Tan Casta : mga Bobong ML player pinipili ehh Haha
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16 10

congratulations sa mga napali !

#sanaall 😅

User112734017 : paano po ba
User112734017 : streamers lang ata pwede makapaglaro
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12 12

We will have to wait again 2 years after the Alpha test. They will launch the Beta test after Alpha test and that's it. Stable version will be launch after 5 years.


I received an email that I already had a game, then I open it cost 5pesos load. And the I assume that after I donated 5pesos load I got the game so I tried it, it loop me to different page of full advertisement. Damn. 


Until now I'm still waiting for your invitation wildrift your making me lost my hope and hype for this game...🙄😒


Hope i will get aloha version 'cause i've play league of legends on pc, but when i'm not possible to play on pc i will play it on mobile phone🙃

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