Screenshot of World of Sword
Screenshot of World of Sword
Screenshot of World of Sword
Screenshot of World of Sword
Screenshot of World of Sword
Screenshot of World of Sword
World of Sword

World of Sword

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The game is positioned as a monthly card charge, no selling values, no rolling service, and focuses on fair play and the social fun of super suits. World of Sword is a 3D national style martial arts light MMORPG, in which the player, as a disciple of one of the six major martial arts sects, will go into the Jin army to rescue his fellow brothers and sisters and find the whereabouts of the Zhanlu Sword.

The Story
In Shaoxing tenth year, the Jin Dynasty tore up the Shaoxing Peace Treaty and attacked the Song Dynasty, the Song Army was defeated and the cities were lost one after another. Yue Fei was ordered to lead his troops to meet the attack, and soon won a great victory on both the east and west fronts, the courageous Yue army was unstoppable, and Zhanlu also contributed. However, the Song court was corrupt and cowardly at that time, fearing that it would hinder the peace negotiation with Jin, and issued twelve gold medals to Yue Fei, ordering him to take measures and rush back to Lin'an immediately.

As soon as Yue Fei returned to Lin'an, he was caught in the net set up by Qin Jun, and both father and son were trapped in Feng Bo Ting, and the following year, he was killed for the crime of "unnecessary". The news of Zhan Lu Jian's exile in the rivers and lakes spread like wildfire, and from then on, the rivers and lakes of martial arts were no longer peaceful. During the chaos, Zhan Lu Jian reappeared and started a storm of bloodshed.......

- Explaining the monthly card fee system
Non-monthly pass users can play for free, but some features are restricted. You only need to buy 1 monthly card per month and all pass users get the same numerical benefit. The Mall does not sell numerical items, nor does the appearance add numerical value. Yesterday's daily rewards can be repurchased, but are limited to 80%, and special event rewards cannot be repurchased, just so that occasionally players who are too busy don't fall behind, otherwise there will be players with lots of time to crush players who are too busy.

- Easy daily play
It takes about 40 minutes a day to complete the daily routine, and there is also some timed gameplay, the liver level of the game is shallower than most RPGs, giving players enough time to explore and socialize.

- Appearance, no values
More than 200 looks (including limited-time looks that have been removed from the shelves) have been released, ranging from purely antique to fashionable, and can be paired with either a city or a fanciful aesthetic.

- Highly active overcoat social
Only 1 big server will be opened for a data piece, no rolling service, to ensure long-term active server. So you can easily find a master, friends, CP, girlfriends, family brothers, by the players to create a fireworks atmosphere of rivers and lakes.

- Open high difficulty copies
Daily play can be hung up, but the graduation suit can only be obtained through difficult copies, you need to work with team members to open up the land and explore the skills.

- Multi-positioned PvP gameplay
The 5v5 Xianbei Martial Arts is a purely fair battle of the same strength. The 3v3 ranking league and the 100v100 camp battle in the Golden Beach do not adjust the battle strength, but also train the players' cooperation and operation.

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