Screenshot of Lost Light
Screenshot of Lost Light
Screenshot of Lost Light
Screenshot of Lost Light
Screenshot of Lost Light
Screenshot of Lost Light
Screenshot of Lost Light
Lost Light

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Lost Light is a Survival, Progression, and Competition mobile game developed by Netease Games.

In Lost Light, players will take on the role of a member of the Firefly Squad, surviving in the Exclusion Zone where order has broken down and is dangerous, while finding out the secrets and conspiracies hidden in the back. Players will go into battle fully armed, sweeping up enemies for resources and working with others to gather supplies to survive and face more challenges in the Exclusion Zone.

The world of Lost Light features a wide variety of guns, which are recreated 1:1 in the game based on actual guns. In addition, the game's guns have 12 parts that can be modified by the player, and more than 100 types of modified parts are available so that the player can customize the most suitable gun according to their own ideas.

There are many ways to play together in the game. In the battlefield, players can save a fallen stranger, temporarily ally with him, and try to escape from the blockade. Conversely, players can also send out distress signals when they are down, transmitting their coordinates to those around them and getting help from others in return for supplies.

In addition, players can use the supplies they collect on the battlefield to transform the ruins of the Underground Railroad into a survival shelter, where they can trade goods and share information with others. In addition to fighting, you can also survive in the world by doing business.

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569 Views 06/07/2023
i played this game so hard and there is no much community player
Nika Khukhia
420 Views 03/29/2023
I want to play
Game Droid Daily
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954 Views 05/12/2023
TapTap Creator
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2.7K Views 12/31/2022
Prajakta Kadam
696 Views 04/18/2023
I want too play this game this game is like bgmi but so much more graphics and nice  gimeplay
503 Views 03/01/2023
I really wanna play this game
Crimson Karma
622 Views 06/18/2023
I played this game early. When it first launch i instantly played it, it was roughly 1 year-2 years ago. At first it was a great game, but it got a little bit repetitive and overtime the AI get's so broken. AI's one tap you instantly and they always group up so even if you miraculously survived and killed one, other AI will instantly rush you. It was hell on big areas like the mansion. Especially when it's not just AI but also other players. The other aspects of this game is the missions and the market. The missions were crazy repetitive, retrieve this item, place it here, retrieve that item, place it there, even tho a lot of games also do that but in this game especially it was quite rough. The final main aspect is the market, oh it was hell. Overpriced items galore, and it was ridiculous how overpriced things is, if i'm remembering correctly there was no limit to what price the players want their items to be sold at. So gradually those items get more and more expensive untill a single material to upgrade things like the warehouse is outrageously expensive. Don't know how it is now, but early days of this game was painfull. It was a great game but the devs can't maintain it. A shame as it was the first big game that was tarkov-like on mobile.
TapTap Creator
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62 Views 01/18/2023
Plz give me it's
Benjámin Csonka
8 Views 01/21/2023
I want this game,i really long time waiting this game for playing.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?