Screenshot of Yeager: Hunter Legend
Screenshot of Yeager: Hunter Legend
Screenshot of Yeager: Hunter Legend
Screenshot of Yeager: Hunter Legend
Screenshot of Yeager: Hunter Legend
Screenshot of Yeager: Hunter Legend
Screenshot of Yeager: Hunter Legend
Yeager: Hunter Legend

Yeager: Hunter Legend Global

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Yeager is a 3D action role-playing monster hunting game set in an alien world.

You take on the role of Yeager, an elite Vyderan hunter who is tasked to locate and retrieve a stolen Vyderan artifact. Your mission will take you across the mysterious Planet Ekors, where the deadliest creatures and darkest secrets dwell. Hunt ferocious beasts and make acquaintance with alien races as you make your way towards the sealed secrets of the Vyderan clan and the lost Empire.

Yeager features an intuitive, action-oriented combat system that allows you to choose from five powerful weapon classes — Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux Blaster, or Eidolon Spear — to engage fearsome creatures up close, weaken them by breaking body parts with flashy combos and signature moves from your weapon class, and move in for the decisive kill.

You can also hunt Beasts for Kallar-infused Beast Parts to forge and strengthen your equipment. Equipment forged with Beast Parts may also take on the appearance and traits of the Beasts themselves.

The brand-new Kallar Ambers and Art Cores are also a great way to upgrade your hunter's hunting efficiency. Pair different Kallar Ambers and Art Cores to unlock unique effects for each weapon class!

Navigate your way through vast forests and winding canyons while uncovering the many secrets hidden on Ekors. But beware the monsters snapping at your heels! Pit your skills against highly challenging marks with unique movesets and attack patterns!

Enjoy realistic HD-quality Beast-hunting action and next-gen cinematics powered by physically-based rendering and motion capture technology.

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14 Views 05/11/2024
Maybe nice game, but I couldn't get through all those different attack options thrown at me all at once so I got mad and deleted it :D
22 Views 05/15/2024
I hate that a person must be I a team to do most event, server is laggie to many bugs in the game that needs fixing. Poor story line. I need to restart the game every 20min just to play no worth it And the is no feedback from the when you ask for help with sever, it all just gets worst.
Gubuk reyot
6 Views 05/14/2024
From Indonesia, I play this🙏
246 Views 03/27/2024
You see the name yep it's a monster hunter clone for mobile but don't get it twisted this one is high and lots of God of war style interactive cutscenes and the character creation is pretty cool very stylized Savage kind of looking and plenty of things the hunts and weapons and armor to build it's a big one but the file size is not too much to handle this is definitely worth playing simply for the multiplayer aspect of it it's almost like a console title
Nixie Android
7 Views 05/01/2024
Nice like avatar
10 Views 04/30/2024
The best game i have ever played on mobile till now , please don't make it die 🙏💜
71 Views 05/11/2024
🎮 Gameplay: great game to my liking 👎 Cons: Game is good as dead.. last update was march last year.. you can solo everything until the rank up quest require you to enter a multiplayer instance that can't be played solo. Server is kinda dead on both NA and ASIA server and im stuck on both server with the same rank up task.
235 Views 03/24/2024
A game that introduce yourself to a world where are monsters and have the titule of hunter seeing a lot of new places with parameters making it suitable for monsters (Like pantanous for water monster like a hybrid giant frog) 🕹️ Controls: Very usefull in the hour for fight and travel, with a complete hud who make more easy view the bag and others things, the combos in middle of the fight is great for me
38 Views 04/30/2024
🎮 Gameplay: Pretty much similar to Dauntless but with an energy system to bottlenecl your gameplay experience and force you to come back everyday. 👍 Pros: Dauntless mobile 👎 Cons: facebook energy system
art frizal
5 Views 04/23/2024
top up store not available
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