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"Code: X" is a multiplayer online open world shooting mobile game developed with Unreal 4 engine. I hope our game will bring you an exciting experience.

[Open World Multiplayer Shooting]
Cocos Island is a limited-time open world. There are some offensive omnics and other players on the island. Players will randomly drop them to any location on the island, survive the warring forces, collect materials and collect materials from them within the specified time. Designated exit retreat. The materials brought out when escaping will appear in the warehouse, which can be used to trade with shops, make equipment and other purposes.

[Firearms Modification and Equipment Development]
Each player has an independent equipment system, and can use materials obtained from various sources to create their own personalized equipment: a variety of guns can be obtained in the game, some of which can be modified. Accessories for different parts can be obtained by collecting/purchasing in stores. The modified firearms and their auxiliary equipment can be brought into the battlefield, which can cooperate with you to search and compete for supplies more efficiently. As the player's level increases, you can choose to unlock talent skills, which can give you a greater advantage and more chances of survival in the game!

[Shop is open and free to trade]
Players can freely sell the materials in their own warehouses, and can also purchase the equipment & materials they need from merchants, so that they can obtain their favorite equipment more conveniently.

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675 Views 10/20/2023
🎮 Gameplay: Nice game my phone is low device that why it lag but nice game
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I have been looking for a tactical shooter on a mobile platform for a long time that is different from other similar games, I really hope that "Cod X" will be able to pleasantly surprise! 
72K Views 11/06/2022
518 Views 04/13/2023
i need this game
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When starting in #scarfall
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code x
1.5K Views 05/31/2023
Play code x because it also supports to 3gb ram also pre register code x till then play apex legends
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release for ios
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