Screenshot of BarbarQ 2
Screenshot of BarbarQ 2
Screenshot of BarbarQ 2
Screenshot of BarbarQ 2
Screenshot of BarbarQ 2
BarbarQ 2

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BarbarQ returns with innovative gameplay!
BarbarQ 2 is an adventure game and sequel to BarbarQ. Developed by the same team that developed BarbarQ, it retains its definitive casual gameplay.

The game is set in post-war Hala and tells the story of a group of barbarians trying to rebuild their home.The player assumes the role of the chieftain who recruits heroes,embarks on adventures, and searches for treasure to bring prosperity to their clan.

Create Your Own Clan
What are barbarians without a clan? The clan content adds social and development functions to the game and gives the game a more authentic feel. When the player’s clan becomes prosperous and grows in strength, the player’s rise is not only due to their fighting prowess but also the support of the clan.

Competitive Battles & Rankings
As a competitive causal game, BarbarQ 2 retains its defining 3v3v3 gameplay and continues to use the ranking system from BarbarQ.Players can show off their skills,hacking and dodging through their opponents to earn the Gold-Shroom tier,or they can also play just for fun.

3D World & Engaging Story
BarbarQ 2 utilizes 3D animations,displaying an increasingly three-dimensional gaming environment with detailed heroes and equipment.Players can ride their pets to battle, build structures in their village and collect food.

Explore New islands
Different islands are now available on an exciting map that randomly unlocks content. A variety of powerful bosses attack without warning. Here you can rediscover the joy of adventure and experience perfection. Players can defeat minions in the play single-player campaign and develop their heroes for endless levels.
Using BarbarQ as its foundation,BarbarQ 2 introduces innovative game modes.Do battle in this barbaric world and embark bravely on new adventures.

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