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Echoes of Mana Review: Planting the Seed
1.2K Views 2022/5/14
25 Views 2022/5/1
horrible dupe system I've seen so far. passives and levels are locked behind dupes and you need total 7 copies to awaken a unit with abysmal gacha rate and oh wait no skip ticket in 2022 kekw so its a grind fest if you want to farm your ability board so you know how it means right?! you let your phone battery die while grinding the stage over and over again. wait there's more you need to pull on g
A not so well done game
23 Views 2022/5/9
5/10 ⭐ The game starts off fine with some action in the opening scenes along with an explanation and then after all that you end up feeling like you're hitting speed bumps into story after each battle. You forced to finish story then back out of a menu to select the battle which all feels should be together. 😑 Story feels typical shounen and then some, sometimes it feels a bit too happy go luc
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Echoes Of Mana - Second Impressions/This Game Is Nostalgic Fun/But The Loading Needs Work
75 Views 2022/4/29
38 Views 2022/4/28
i like the game but there's a lots of problem that need to fix: 1: Add 90fps,the game feels like playing in 30 fps 2: Remove the auto play while you didn't complete or 3 star the mission 3 The controller also need to fix ,its so hard to control my character s Sorry,I'm bad in english ,hope this game fix the issues i encountered
4 Views 2022/5/1
I like the graphic and bring alot of memories from the mana series and dont have any problem with the gameplay just typical oldschool grinding gacha game out there but the problem is the loading time is killing me bcos its take long time just to swap between screen or the loading take forever just to doing co-op.. And the other thing that make me dislike this game is the grinding that wasting ti
3 Views 2022/4/28
Very interesting game. Nice 2D graphics, great combat mechanics and immersive story. It's like a revisitation of all the Mana games. Too bad the VO isn't English, but that's just personal preference. My actual hiccup so far is the lack of staggering in regular enemies. Makes the combat a bit more difficult for me. I have to execute the "hit and run" tactic for each grunt enemy, which is kind of an
Dean Fakhrul
3 Views 2022/4/28
I liked the gameplay very much. The equipment grinding parts is kinda cost stamina too much. people complaining about autoplay, it's mobile ffs. To me it's good, just the allies ai is stupid most of the time, they'll need to adjust the ai targeting the enemies and get outta the danger zone. not dive straight into in and killed themselves. overall gaming experience is really good.
Imma Catto
3 Views 2022/4/28
if u have nostalgia from the game maybe its good for u but my opnion i dun really feel the game there are bunch of rpg style like tht eventually u will get bore after play certain hour. graphic is nice remind me of Kingdomheart mobile game a bit
24 Views 2022/4/29
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