Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
Screenshot of The Ramp
The Ramp

The Ramp

Provider Crescent Moon Games
83,047 Downloads60,642 Followers

You crave for flow? You just want to shred through a halfpipe without all the boring stuff? Say no more, The Ramp is your jam!


tons of flow
satisfying & unique skateboarding gameplay
easy to learn, hard to master


NO unlockable stuff
NO score, NO missions
NO guns, explosions and helicopters

out of 10

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A ZEN GARDEN EXPERIENCE WITH SKATING “The Ramp” pumps the breaks and takes a much needed step back from the hustle and bustle of overly complex, overly stimulating, and fast paced gameplay and gives you a modernized zen garden-esque type experience….with skating. There is no scoreboard, no missions, no shop, just you, on a board, cruising and knocking out a few tricks. If you want something to just relax on, with a little bit of mechanical nuance to it this is the game for you. Once you figure out the controls, you’ll be hooked.
744 Views 01/11/2024
902 Views 07/20/2023
Parkour Parkour Hardcore
Quod K
Good but not so good
118 Views 09/30/2022
I really like this game and he has a lot of potential, but the fact that he is very limited and even worse for not having the most levels are paid, the game get tired after 5 minutes .
Boring without unlockables,scores and/or missions
1.1K Views 10/28/2022
without unlockables, scores and missions the game gets old within like 5 minutes..
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
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What Have We Been Playing #14: Game Review of the Year
6.1K Views 12/24/2021
The Ramp
1.5K Views 11/21/2021
Even while you only get 1 ramp as a part of the free version it's still a beautiful realised game. It's easy to learn and loads of fun for a quick dopamine hit. Enjoy.
856 Views 01/27/2023
I don't know why this game is very limited to the free players. You are literally stuck in the first level with a Basic ramp and then it gets really boring. The graphics and dynamics have a sense of way and are pretty fun but if I can't play the whole game, you know, it's very disappointing.
1.5K Views 12/22/2021
Good game with a stylish and appealing art design. The art style reminds me of another game with a similar aesthetic/look: "great mountain adventure." It's a fun game that's easy to pick up yet difficult to master. I expected to only play this for a short time due to the lack of goals, but the tight gameplay kept me going back. After a while, I began to establish my own goals (much like in actual skateboarding), such as striving to get a tight 20 second run in the pool. To begin, grind around the little semi-circle, then do a 360 melon on the opposing ramp and jump over the ladder.
485 Views 11/17/2021
No scores, no fuss. This is a pretty simple game where players just skate and don't have to worry about getting the high score or beating an opponent. The gameplay experience is unique and refreshing because of this. There's a direction slider, as well as a pimp button. Players can combine them to gather speed and get in some hangtime. and while skating off the edge, players can also do some tricks. The fact that there is no score makes you free to experiment with doing these moves, so you can improve your repertoire.
1.1K Views 11/10/2021
This game is perfect for skateboarders. I usually like to play skateboarding myself. This game is like fingertip skateboarding, you can try to make all kinds of difficult moves across the screen. Unfortunately, the game is free except for the newbie teaching level, all other levels need to pay to unlock. The game itself is of good quality.
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