Screenshot of Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT
Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT

Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT

Release in autumn 2022
Developer G2 Studios Inc.
Pre-registrations 32,053Followers 32,299

This is a mobile game developed based on the Black Rock Shooter. This will be a new story in a new world that is different from the TV animation.

In the middle of the 21st century, intelligence lifeforms suddenly appeared on the Internet and began attacking factories, power plants, and even the military with overwhelming force.
What is the purpose of the "intelligence lifeform"? How did it arise?
In a strait jacket, stranded humans are spread out around the globe without access to information and communication services.
Humans began to fight back with "composites" that were not highly electronic and would not transmit viruses to soldiers.
—The year 2099
As a commander, you will combat new weapons with anti-virus antibodies.
A girl with flames shining from her pupils appeared with a huge machine.

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