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Screenshot of Reverse: 1999
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Reverse: 1999

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Reverse: 1999 (2021)
Release Date: Not yet scheduled

Director: The Unidentifiable Power
Writer: The Unidentifiable Power (stories by)
Cast: Vertin (You) / Sonneto / Regulus/ see more …
Genre: Retro, Arcanum, Alternative-history, strategy
Language: English (Voiceover) Chinese (Subtitles)

On the last day of 1999, the "Storm" had come.

Water sprang from the ground for no detectable reasons. People reached out their arms and felt rising raindrops – this is a storm raining upwards into the sky.

You watched pedestrians and buildings being erased from existence, melted, dissolved, disappeared in the rain. What is now presented in front of you seems to be a strange old era.

The "Storm" left you with no one from your time, you are now on your own.

This is a world where humans coexist with arcanists. A group of arcanists, "Manus Vindictae", determined to restore the past glory of the study of arcanum. Not much has been known about them; some say they are the heresy, while some say the prophet. Regardless of all, it is certain that their secretly and carefully planned actions have some connection with the emergence of the “storm”.

You are the Timekeeper -- the observer of different eras, appointed by St. Pavlov Foundation, an institution that brings arcanists into its protection.

After each of these repeatedly occurred “Storms”, you would travel to different times with Sonneto, a colleague from St. Pavlov Foundation, looking for the arcanists of different regions and times who can detect the portent of the “Storm” like you did, and assist them to escape from the destiny of being “sifted out”.

Despite you being determined to make sense of all these, the “storm” will not answer. It is merely the silent grand drape, behind which the truth is curtained off in dark - in the last day of 1999.

Cast & Crew (waiting for more talents to join):
You ———————————— Vertin
Sonetto ———————————— Sonetto
Regulus ———————————— Regulus
Druvis III ———————————— Druvis III
Sotheby ———————————— Sotheby
Schneider ———————————— Schneider
APPLe ———————————— APPLe
X ———————————— X
Arcana ———————————— Arcana
Forget Me Not ———————————— Forget Me Not
Critter A ———————————— Critter A


▶▶ A Chance to Cast Arcane Incatations ◀◀
A world where humans coexist with arcanists. They are the wizards, the magicians, the freaks......

▶▶ An Alternative-historical Story Back in Time ◀◀
Relive the history, and witness the finale of an era. You may be there when Wall Street collapsed in 1929.

▶▶ An Exotic Adventure with Full English Dubbing ◀◀
From 1900 to the end of the century, take the tour in different times and spaces and enjoy the full English voiceover performance.

Official Channel

WeChat Account: 重返未来1999
QQ Group Chat 4:698092518
QQ Group Chat 3:478428228
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QQ Group Chat 1:736068721

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