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Netmarble unveiled the new 'RF' IP, which it acquired in September 2020, through NTP.

Min-kwan Kwon, CEO of Netmarble N2/Netmarble N Park, said, “I had a great desire to show users the attractive and unique world of RF again. We made preparations,” he said, introducing the background of the development of the RF project.

Netmarble thought to create a wonderful world that would be a new nostalgia that they encountered for the first time while conveying the sensibility of the original to users with nostalgia for RF in the past. We added a unique experience that was not possible.

Players can reinterpret elements of the previous work, such as riding a giant robot armored personnel carrier and fighting with heavy weapons, and summoning the super-giant summoned Animus to fight with them, giving them a strong and new experience while feeling nostalgic for the RF of the past.

In addition, the RVR emphasized in the original is implemented as it is. CEO Kwon Min-gwan said, "RF's fierce RVR based on the fight between countries is a narrative that users create by itself," and said that he wanted to enrich the narrative by allowing users to freely change their country or class.

The exact release date of the RF project has not been decided, and it will be implemented as a PC-mobile cross-platform MMORPG.

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36 Views 02/22/2024
After watching all the updates on this upcoming game, i'm afraid that everyone who used to play the classic rf online would just be disappointed. According to the reviews, their's not even a single trace of the old rf left. It will just be a whole new game. Even in the character selection screen, their's no accretia, bellato nor cora race to choose from. I really hope that the developers are just hiding all the good stuff not to leak because if what would come out is what exactly what was shown on all those video updates and reviews, then this game would just be an utterly complete disappointment on all the classic rf online fans that's been waiting for this games to come out.
62 Views 01/12/2024
not the rf online you know. Same generic hack and slash. Pay to win
Amez crafter
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TapTap Creator
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Vampire Knight
120 Views 11/26/2023
I've played The old version of this game. Can't wait to dive in!!
Budi Lastanto
170 Views 10/16/2023
When open this game...
Dennis Reconalla
65 Views 10/10/2023
Nice game.. :) I want play this game in mobile.. ;) :D
Liyo Gaming
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I played this game,best pk map ever.
Leo Sky
Tap Tap Creator
56 Views 09/25/2023
When please we have all been patiently waiting for the game it has to be somewhere close now atleast say something to your fans we need something anything as in an rough estimate please
That's everything for now. Start a new game?