Screenshot of Code:Mirage
Screenshot of Code:Mirage
Screenshot of Code:Mirage
Screenshot of Code:Mirage


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This is an anime-style RPG game. In a city that exists in a parallel world set in the near-future, you will fight against various "Desire Demons" born from human desires, protect the people, and explore the strange space created by Desire Demons. You can collect and level up different characters to explore dungeons and cities. You can also experience various gameplay such as guild battles, the arena, and team dungeons.
High-Quality Visuals
Next-generation Physically Based Rendering has been used to create a stunning mobile game visual experience.
Strategic Battles
Create various teams based on your battle needs to adapt to changes in battle, and use the right combination of skills to counter and defeat your enemies.
Explore Mazes
Infiltrate, backstab, climb and explore the strange spaces created by Desire Demons, and fight the monsters that lurk within them. Disarm mechanisms and explore hidden puzzles of desire.
Build Your Dream Team
Recruit teammates who have different abilities to have an easier time exploring and fighting. Your adventures will be a breeze if you use the right party combinations. Enhance yourself and your teammates with the materials you obtain while adventuring and explore the deepest abyss to uncover the truth of the world.

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