Screenshot of Space Wanted
Screenshot of Space Wanted
Screenshot of Space Wanted
Space Wanted

Space Wanted

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Space warfare game, it turns out, can be a single-player Roguelike! You can choose from three distinct fleet experiences, all controllable in real-time with just one finger as you engage in intense battles against countless enemies. Take command of your fleet and hunt down space pirates!

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1 View 05/09/2024
Good game. I enjoy it
Faith Cooray
53 Views 03/07/2024
Superb, enjoyable and took me back to good old days.... Weldone to the developer and wishing you the best
31 Views 03/16/2024
Really good game ,Only thing I didn't like is that you have to aim the ship towards the enemy to attack.means you can either attack or run you can't do both at the same time
TapTap Creator
A fun and challenging space warfare experience in a compact format | Review - Space Wanted
711 Views 03/06/2024
Live on twitch and YouTube Space Wanted live game playing like and subscribe and reviews
31 Views 03/10/2024
👍 Pros: 🕹️ Controls: 🎮 Gameplay: 📈 Skill Trees & Abilities:
Space Wanted is now online!
61 Views 02/08/2024
Space Wanted has already started its public beta testing, and I hope everyone can give me plenty of feedback.
Space Wanted Gameplay
216 Views 03/06/2024
chen mo
Fun, especially the Plunder Battle gives me a Star Wars vibe; initially, I thought it was just about ships standing off and shooting at each other, but later on, I discovered that Beetles chase Frigates, which allows for gathering mobs to wait for the main cannon's cooldown. 🎮 Replayability: The main cannon in this game is definitely the star of the show. After customization, it's super powerful against large ships, although timing its use is crucial – missing your shots can be quite awkward. Later in the game, though, with shorter cooldowns, it becomes much more enjoyable.
885 Views 02/06/2024
black dimon
14 Views 03/12/2024
the space ship don't have a special skill, just a head start skill, not really do much if not leveling up the speacial skill tho,
This is a great game. P1:How can one acquire these pirate flagships? P2:Wow, the Broodmother's attack is really cool, am I imagining it, or does her attack actually harm smaller Zerg units too?
138 Views 02/08/2024
That's everything for now. Start a new game?