Screenshot of Ash Echoes
Screenshot of Ash Echoes
Screenshot of Ash Echoes
Screenshot of Ash Echoes
Ash Echoes

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At the cross point of worlds, encountering familiar strangers.
Welcome to "SENLO".
On April 1st, 1116 at 13:46 , a enormous "HOLE" appeared in the sky above the northern district of Hailin, Senlo. A shattered world crashes down...
After that, the "HOLE" became a channel connecting with many different worlds, bringing an unknown energy named "X crystal" as well as a completely different situation to Senlo citizens.
Through subsequent research, the influences of this energy were discovered. A group of individuals were awakened by these mysterious crystals and endowed with special powers .
They were later called - "Echoers".
People were pushed in a brand new era, an era of coexistence with unknown energy and it was also -
the era of S.E.E.D..
Ash Echoes is a cross-platform real-time tactics RPG developed by Aurogon Shanghai using Unreal Engine. This game is built upon a unique and expansive world outlook, features a balanced blend of 2D as well as 3D, exquisite as well as diverse art styles, diversified characters' depictions, innovative tactical combats and highly interactive and extensible gameplay.
From now on, as the CEO of "S.E.E.D," you will encounter many "visitors from other worlds" and fight together with them, confronting unknown risks and exploring the WORLDS.

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