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The game is not available in this country/region

"Lego®Cube" official website:; "Lego®Cube" is adapted from the classic Lego IP, is a high degree of freedom sandbox game, providing players with survival, parkour, battle, tower defense, puzzle, etc. these gameplays, easy to use and powerful game editor is leading the next generation of new entertainment experience, let us play games, make games, share games.

「Game Features」

Infinite World
"Lego®Cube" world is a large world based on the collection of various styles of LEGO. Each world has its own unique style and characteristics.

Infinite Creation
In the world of "Lego®Cube", players are free to create all kinds of weapons, tools, props and buildings.

Infinite Exploration
"Lego®Cube" is a completely free world, with castles and mines with a variety of natural wonders. Players can discover their own hero journey in this world.

Infinite Possibilities
Whether it's exploring battles with good friends, or fighting against other players; whether it's a casual casual game or an exciting adventure game. Even players can make a game of their own in the game. "Lego®Cube" has infinite possibilities.

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