Well, let's just say I felled a tree with just a hook arm.
It's an action survival game where players take control of a shipwrecked pirate. They must do all they can to survive. This includes cutting down coconut trees with just their hooks, catching fish, and fighting wildlife. Players gather materials to improve their shelter, as well as build tools and weapons.
But while the start is pretty straightforward survival, it gets even more ridiculous as players progress. Eventually, they will run into other humans, and as the sample images show... undead soldiers as well. Heck, the game even teases a fight with a frigging kaijuu.
Overall, while the start really feels like a decent survival game, adding some fantasy elements ruined it for me. Not a fan of that one. However, the first part was indeed fun and exciting. Fishing and gathering materials was fun, and hunting and fighting boars were thrilling, especially if players finally gain access to melee weapons. Not fond of adding battles with the undead and kaijuu though. I haven't reached the kaijuu part yet, but the undead battles were ok. I had more fun with fighting wild animals though.