A Tower Defense genre game where we have to set traps not letting the monsters reach the finish line (Which is candies here) . Well ,at first it may sound like "Just an another tower defense" but it does has it's uniqueness to it.
The game got a story mode where you do the story levels . For the CBT, there is just 1 chapter available which got 9 parts . Once you complete each levels you unlock the challenge mode(which is hard mode of the same level) of the level. Once you have done all levels till 1-9 you will be able to unlock another mode 'smash' which is crazy hard difficulty.Also note there is no PvP mode in game.
As of the gameplay,like any other tower defense waves of enemies will be incoming and we have to set up traps. Trap mechanisms are really sicko, personally I loved the fan and how creative you can get with it. As you keep killing enemies you gain gold and by using gold you can set up traps. You can even pause in between to set up traps then resume or you can pause then move a trap to different spot or you can play at x2 speed and place traps dynamically or can just play dynamically at normal speed all depends on your strategy .You only get to take 9 traps in a deck. Each level got it's own leaderboard rankings and a overall leaderboard .The overall score is determined by combo hits and other factors,so just finishing a perfectly doesn't mean you will get the top spot. Overall the gameplay totally depends on the strategy and creativity.
The graphics is great and colorful, BGM is subtle but not soo charming either,needs better optimization.Comparing the heavier games I played at max settings and 'Candy Disaster', my mobile charge was drained soo quick and I felt the raise in temperature of my device,thought the gameplay was soo smooth.Also the game got some very minor bugs .As a whole, great game which is simple yet intriguing . I personally love strategy game and I got totally hooked up with it and finished all the 9 levels.Was a great boredom killer.If you are strategy lover and want to try a different TD this is for you.