Bunker 2021 is a horror survival game with puzzle elements, set in a zombie apocalypse. It has a very intriguing story, with a ton of great puzzle solving. Players gather resources while trying to stay alive, fending off wild animals and... other things.
The gameplay is just solid, and controls are quite simple. My only gripe is with the camera controls which are a bit too sensitive, making it a chore to pick up items sometimes, or a bit wonky when I try and turn.
As for the story, one of the best for a mobile game that I have ever played. It's a bit short, and it ended making me want more. That is how good the story is. It's well thought out and the the twists are just beautifully executed.
Overall, it's a great game. Not perfect, but good enough to make me play it for hours until I cleared the story in one sitting. I just wished the game were a bit longer to be honest, and have some better graphics. Oh, and a less sensitive camera. Other than that, it is a really really really good game overall. 4 stars