It might be challenging to have an opponent

Yeah I knew this was a simulator, but I don't quite get the point of driving to the specified checkpoints and having a timer for the laps if I was to play it alone. Hmm. The background music was making me sleepy. If it might have been upbeat music, I think it would match with the game's characteristics.
The graphics are good but the map is blurry. The main goal of the game is to drive the car and there will be a map provided on the upper left side of the screen. The controls are the gas and brake, along with the left and right direction controls. It lacked the gears part wherein I was most interested in a simulator.
There are also a group of ads displayed on the screen and it's a little annoying that it mostly occupies a large area of the screen which plays if you accidentally tap them. There is no background provided other than the default mode.
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Naina Verma
Naina Verma
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