March 2024 PvE Tier List

S - Unfair advantage, high damage or must-have supportA - Very strong, but not as good as S tier. I’d highly recommend if you don’t have the requirements for the S tier classesB - Good class, but lacks advantages over S or A tier classes. I’d recommend this if you like the classes’ design and maybe prefer to play this for fun or for memes C - I would not recommend this classD - Trash level and I hope the devs will buff classes here
General Notes
In general, for legend isles and museum, hitting hard and fast is the best. You cannot one shot bosses here and there is a cap to the amount of damage you can inflict per hit, so hitting hard but slowly, isn’t good. Survivability is also important, so having anti death, a shield, or high damage reduction is extremely important. Furthermore, white star airship requires great debuffs or party buffs, so if you can’t deal damage, then you better be good at helping your team. For oracle dungeon, thanatos tower legend, echoing corridor, and boss hunting, although these are important, I weigh these lower in priority. You can one shot bosses here and the mobs don’t require heavy debuffs compared to white star airship.
D Tier
Hela - Good for pvP, but bad for PvE. I’ve not seen her used in white star airship either, her poison isn’t good enough there. Her debuffs need to benefit her team more and help them deal much more damage.
Phantom Dancer - still bad for PvE. The damage multipliers for its skills is still too low. It needs lower skill cooldown or higher damage multipliers. Meme builds also require high depo, so I don’t want to mislead people in thinking this class is at all good.
Dragon Fist - still bad for PvE, high damage, and hits slowly. His one shot skills should have an optional damage over time, so it’s similar to Ronin’s slash light for dealing with bosses in legend isles and museum, who have shield
Tyrant - good for pvp and farming, but still bad in pve. His gun skills need higher damage multipliers to ever be good.
C Tier
Arcane Master  - auto attack or the skill build is too slow and the damage is too low. Converting to water isn’t consistent enough when compared to Saint’s dark conversion, so it isn’t used as a reliable water converter for white star airship Solar/luna - damage is too low. Raging storm is an AOE that hits quickly per second. Rathgricy is much better if you want that style and Rathgricy’s damage is significantly higher and has better survivability.
Soul Binder - great for one shotting bosses, but that isn’t good enough. The setup also takes a while, so you can get your kill stolen while MVP hunting. If you want to MVP hunt, use lightbringer, saitama, or Ryuoumaru
Slayer - zero love for this class from the devs. This hasn’t gotten any buffs and I don’t see anyone using this class in instances. If you use magic, genos or magic begetter are better.
Blade Soul - The auto attack meme build worthy before, but with white star airship, blade soul isn’t used for that. Poisonous smoke is great in instances like oracle dungeon or echoing corridor, but not worth it
B Tier
Jomungandr - I have seen people do well with jormungandr with high deposits and is good for floor 3 of museum. You do need 7/7 core hero passive or your damage will be horrible.
Chronomancer - Unlimited magic fist is cool and all, but still mediocre. High depo can have fun. This is not F2P friendly
Hollgrehenn  - he now has a use in white star airship. When there is the reinforce affix, hollgrehenn can help reduce 20% refined damage reduction due to Destructive Hammer. That allows you to help you kill that boss faster. He also got a bunch of buffs recently to make him stronger.
Ancient artifact user - dishes out very high damage and takes advantage of both physical and magic buffs. With high enough depo, you can solo legend instances. However, you need 7/7 for this class to be optimal.
Thanatos: meme tier, can deal a ton of damage, but the DPS is a bit too slow. If you have a ton of atk and magic attack, you should use rathgricy instead, who also benefits from both. His damage is also heavily reliant on having 7/7 core hero passive.
Lightbringer - best F2P boss hunter for one shotting, but not great for legend instances or white star airship. The beta server has changed to photon cannon and mammonite which could make this class better in the future
Ryuoumaru - great for boss hunting and one shotting bosses in instances like thanatos tower, but that’s about it. This class doens’t have a good followup damage source like Saitama does, so your DPS isn’t good enough for isles, museum, or PSR. I personally would never choose Ryuoumaru over Saitama
Nidhogg - she isn’t used in white star airship and saint is much better for the entire party and can dark convert. Many of the popular classes like Ronin or Rathgricy can heal themselves and have good survivability, so having a better debuffer for the entire party would be better. I would now choose Ninja over Nidhogg if I wanted additional support.
Stellar Hunter - Got lots of buffs recently, but only good with high deposit. Use Taekwon as a better auto attacking class
A Tier
Divine Avenger - has uses in WSA and much needed in legend museum 3f to distract Nukka. His taunt and heal can help the party immensely. The biggest disadvantage is this class isn’t needed in many instances. It is a nice to have. If you do want to play this class, you need at a minimum solid barrier rune with 2nd line to effectively tank damage without flinching Novice Guardian - best F2P class for brave and very nice for boss hunting. Used to be S tier, but Downgraded since Rathgricy and Ronin do more damage and aren’t stuck to wind element, which has heavy reductions in legend isles and museum. To play this class, you need third lines for both Swift storm star rune and ruthless slash runes.
Yamata - one of the most important debuffers in white star airship. Quite strong even by itself in legend isles and museum. To help debuff, you need one single thought run with a high first line to greatly reduce the target’s damage reduction. Also, myriad hyakume is excellent for helping your ronin teammate out, since it causes burn and reduces fire attribute damage reduction by 30% If you want to have great DPS, even for F2P, then the third line for highwind pursuit star rune is needed.
Spirit Whisperer - F2p friendly, great debuff for WSA. This is the class I most recommend to new people, since it does well even without lots of atk % depo in your handbook. Its damage is increased based on HP, so you can be tanky and deal damage. Also, even without any good runes, this class does find. Although life burst rune to crit your attacks is a nice to have.
Apocalypse - The biggest advantage is it can convert to any element and deals very high damage. I believe this class has the best for ghost damage, making it excelelnt good for floor 3 of legend museum. However, his survivability isn’t great, making it bad for white star airship Body and heart rune with 3rd line is mandatory to play this class.
S Tier
Saitama - great for boss hunting and also does well in instances due to successive punches dealing a ton of DPS. The biggest disadvantage is it cannot deal AOE damage. Since this is a hero class, this is rune heavy and ideally you have 7/7 core hero passive.
Genos - best magic DPS class. This is an event class, so we have to wait for it to be released again. You need 7/7 core hero passive for maximum survivability. This class is amazing in all instances, but not good for boss hunting, since it’s a bit slow for burst damage, it is more continuous DPS.
Rathgricy - best DPS class with survivability, semi F2P friendly. It’s divine wing armor is like having 4 HP relics that regenerates and it’s convertible AOE is also top tier. This class is extremely good in legend instances and white star airship and is able to work well with dark convert or using the poison meta. The only downside, is you need 7/7 core hero passive to fully utilize this class. Although even without it, this class is still playable and has lots of survivability, your damage will just be lower. So it’s fine to play this class while you’re progressing towards 7/7.
Heinrich  - can help in WSA. High damage burst as well. Although you do need 7/7 to fully utilize this character. They gave this class a ton of buffs, so now it’s quite powerful. In white star airship, bright mirror is extremely good for reducing elemental damage reduction by 30%
Thor - can suck targets for WSA grouping for ronin. Has crazy high damage even when not at 7/7 core hero power. Biggest issue is the targeting not being great when many targets are around. Even though he is forced wind, the devs gave him enough damage multipliers and wind element coefficient to murder bosses. This is the only hero class that I’ve played with 4/7 core hero passive that could clear legend isles 1-3 and legend museum 1-2.
Rune Master - AA RM: good if you’re whale and have +15 heavens. From personal experience, damage is lower than Ronin and to hit your peak damage, it takes a lot of time, work, and zeny. I generally don’t recommend this class since the investment is high and you often won’t see results until much later. People with much lower depo playing more busted classes will out damage you until late, late game. To play this class, you need +15 heavens, which is expensive and hard to get.
Saint - F2P friendly and now has a new role of dark converting in white star airship. THey are able to reliably convert to dark which is key for helping rathgricies and ronins deal with a consistent target element. Outside of white star airship, this class is a staple of any party to ensure survivability and providing key buffs. This class has a lot of runes, but even without, as a f2P class, you can support your team. The semi f2p to p2w saints will be super tanky and can survive indefinitely.
Begetter - F2P friendly. Best F2P magic class. Strong physical build too. I’ve seen this class being used everywhere, so it is quite versitle. Also, the minimum rune requirements is the void summon rune, so if you can get this rune, you can do quite well.
Inferno Armor - I believe to be the strongest DPS in the game, especially with M.def switch. Very strong in instances and vital for white star airship. This is my main and the damage scaling is absurd. After it got buffed after it’s re-release, it has dominated in white star airship and other instances. The great thing, is you don’t need 3rd line runes for this class. Many of its best runes just requires a high first line.
Among the S tier classes, I believe the strongest three are Inferno Armor, Rathgricy, and Saint
Next, People often ask me what would I recommend for new players. If you have guildmates that can help you, start going down the crusader line to unlock Rathgricy as soon as possible.
If you don’t have anyone that can help you, then I often recommend starting with doram or lightbringer, since both are very F2P friendly and doesn’t require runes to play. You can save up zeny and then go to Rathgriy after. Divine avenger is not a great class for doing weeklies, so you’ll struggle without help.
If you want a solid class from beginning to end and don’t want to play Rathgricy, I’d say begetter is probably the best F2P class out there. Both physical and magic are quite strong and only requires one 3rd line s rune.
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