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Moncage is officially out today!

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Moncage, a unique puzzle game developed by Zhou Dong and Chen Yijia from Optillusion, is officially out today!

With great excitement and nervousness, we are presenting this game, which is the culmination of nearly four years of hard work, to all of you.

In Moncage, everything starts from an ordinary cube. You need to interact with objects in the scenes and find the key to the solution by rotating the cube and connecting different elements across multiple sides of the cube. Sometimes all you need is a special angle to unlock a new scene and keep on your exploration.

Of course, there is also a touching story hidden in Moncage for you guys to uncover.
Moncage is now available on Steam, App Store, Google Play, and TapTap! You can pick up the game for just $13.49 on Steam or $3.99 on mobile during the one-week launch sale!

Feel free to join us in this great adventure in Moncage! 

If you encounter any issues related to the game, please check out our FAQ post

You're also welcome to join our Discord server of Moncage for more up-to-date information! You can provide your feedback on the game and meet other puzzle game enthusiasts!

Enjoy your fantastic journey in Moncage!

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