Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Shining Nikki

Shining Nikki Global

Provider Papergames
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The sequel of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen and the latest addition to the series with over 100 MILLION downloads is coming! This time in FULL 3D!

Developed for 3 years and powered by Papergames' cutting-edge graphics technology, Shining Nikki presents stunning visuals like nothing you’ve seen before! Thousands of fabric textures are faithfully recreated with models consisting of over 80,000 polygons, top-graded lighting system and shadow matrix. The game will deliver the most amazing and realistic dress-up experience on your screen.

Personalized makeups, latest fashion items, or glamorous costume sets... Thousands of exquisitely designed costumes will fill your wardrobe and make your fantasy for fashion a reality! Customize your unique style by matching different pieces as you like, and you shall be the brightest star on the stage and define what fashion is!

Fashion portrait, magazine covers, movie posters... Choose the poses and filters as your mood sees fit! Capture precious moments with your camera and create your unique fashion blockbuster together with Nikki!

Get to know the minds behind those gorgeous costume sets and learn the interesting stories of designing. Fight alongside Nikki and other designers to save Miraland from imminent doom.

Get onboard the Ark with your friends to sail across the Ocean of Memories! Concert halls, Starry stages, Shadowy theaters... The shows in Miraland never end! Attend the grand Guild Party and become the center of the spotlight!

This is much more than dressing up! You will also get to watch movies, go shopping, celebrate birthdays and travel together with Nikki! Get to know Nikki’s life as her closest friend, witness how she grows, and share moments of happiness with her.

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12 Views 10/25/2023
Absolutely LOVE this game!
sigma rule
85 Views 06/24/2023
TapTap Editor
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27 Views 05/27/2023
i want to play this game
28 Views 04/01/2023
It looks very interesting to me so that's wwhat I wanted it!
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
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20K Views 06/01/2023
138 Views 04/18/2023
As a Style Savvy/Style Boutique/Girls Mode fan, i downloaded Shinning Nikki out of boredom, with low expectations, just wanting to distract myself with a decent looking styling game. What I found is one of the best styling games (and games in general). You have a story to follow, a lot off secondary stories, a lot of clothes (and with super high quality), makeup, nail art... It's just so magical to play. Also, there's no time to get bored since they release new content constantly while keeping the inmense quality.
Ella Dharmawan
31 Views 04/30/2023
I'm have to acc fb in huawei and Samsung iPad
49 Views 04/17/2023
I want to play this game but i never download this game i don't know the reason so, i want this game i like shining Nikki game i see the picture on shining Nikki i imagine this game is good and i don't know is it really good or not when I play than i know the game is good or not that's why I want to play this game.
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616 Views 01/06/2023
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