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love this game! but can be very p2w ♡
phuong thao tran
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727 days with Nikki ( according to her diary) i must say this is the best fashion game I've ever played . I also playing Love Nikki and love it because you don't have to pay to play, just enjoy the game and chill. The producer teams must have so much creativity and strength to create and invest to each event in this game😮 .Love that sometimes Nikki being weird ( the pics below) 👉😸 She has enough 😭
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dressing up games ☁️
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Хто я
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English/Russian Beauty is power Gameplay: To save the future of Miraland we will have to fight a lot, for this we have a lot of tools. In general, everything looks like this: you read part of the plot, then create your outfit and go into battle. The fights are clearly not intense, the action is lacking. Plus this is Gacha, also with energy ... a classic. The variety of outfits is huge, but at first the wardrobe will be scarce, but then, it will be possible to create absolutely any waifu, oh, that is, an outfit for a fight. In addition to the plot, there are several command modes and an arena.
Great but
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As a Style Savvy/Style Boutique/Girls Mode fan, i downloaded Shinning Nikki out of boredom, with low expectations, just wanting to distract myself with a decent looking styling game. What I found is one of the best styling games (and games in general). You have a story to follow, a lot off secondary stories, a lot of clothes (and with super high quality), makeup, nail art... It's just so magical to play. Also, there's no time to get bored since they release new content constantly while keeping the inmense quality.
Veyrith Jia
If you really like fashion and beautify a character, then it's the answer. Before global release, I really familiar with the gameplay. There's going to be a lot to do here: - Make your own fashion for Nikki. - Also do make up for Nikki's face. - Fight with other stylist with power fashion. - Interesting storyline (you don't have to play Love Nikki to understand the storyline). - Befriend with Nikki in Home feature.
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General Pancake (sheeeshhh)
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That's everything for now. Start a new game?