Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
Screenshot of T3 Arena
T3 Arena

T3 Arena

Dev active
Provider XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
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The blockbuster team-based hero shooter ""T3 Arena"" is now available!
Enjoy fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay in casual & exciting gunfights at the touch of your hands.
Transform into stylish gun-wielding oddballs and heroes, from rock singers to alien creatures, and collect trendy and flashy outfits to become the most dazzling Hero in the Arena!
With quick 3-5 min gameplay and a super accessible Auto-Fire feature, whether you are a shooting game veteran or a total newbie, playing solo or teamed-up, pure bullet-spraying fun is guaranteed for everyone!

With game modes fine-tuned to take only 3-5 min per match, and a 6-sec Respawn-to-Frontline compact map design, you can jump right into the chaotic, non-stop shoot-outs and any time.

The easy-to-learn, hard-to-master Auto-Fire feature gives everyone a fighting chance while retaining skillful competition. Just aim at your target and let your weapon do the rest. But remember, strategic thinking and teamwork are key to victory.

Choose from nearly 30 unique heroes, each with their own abilities and play styles.
They've joined the league for different reasons but only the coolest will emerge victorious!

Nothing beats having friends by your side when bullets start flying.
Our built-in party system and voice chats make teaming up a breeze, ensuring clear communication and reliable connections.
It's time to win as a team!

Whether it's TDM, Control, Payload Escort or Crystal Assault, 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 setups, we've got you covered. We even offer various limited-time arcade event modes!
Choose your preferred game mode and jump right in - it's your game, played YOUR way!

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What’s happening

12 Views 2d
Sure that Hua Ling chick's not a Flank? 🤔.....follow my reasoning here....she has a small stature, her first ability is an AOE and hampers your movements, second ability aids HER movement by making her completely invisible and has a five second cool down (yes it's 10 sec but by the time it wears off five dec has passed already), first ultimate is an AOE blast similar to diggy's first ultimate, second ultimate also hampers movements like shells second ultimate and to top it all off her passive makes her an ambush predator. Far as I'm concerned, she's just a high damaging FLANK. 🤷‍♂️
19 Views 3d
No matter how pro you are remember that this isn't solo but a teamwork
RANKED ISNT ABOUT SKILL😅 **Before you take my head, let me explain
87 Views 3d
I know I’ve raised a few eyebrows with this one, but for newer players and fans of the game, rest assured with the idea that rank is not truly a testament of skill but more so of a testament of persistence. You can and will hit superstar if you stay in ranked, and don’t get discouraged. Even if you solo Q, given enough time and decent hero proficiency, you’ll reach Superstar. Ranked for a lot of players is a numbers game, more games played, more bad opponents appear, more rank placement you’ll receive. Just utilize your shield effectively, and use upcoming shields to motivate you to keep pushing. Just keep in mind, some indicators that you want to hop off of ranked to save progress or change your approach are…
This game is annoying as always 🤡🤡🤡
47 Views 3d
I feel like this should only be for legendary skins.
18 Views 2d
6 Views 7d
There are not many players, and it seems that we are getting bots instead. If that’s the case, well at least let us choose the difficulty of those bots, they are too easy.
Help, the ping is so high! (mobile)
504 Views 05/16/2024
This guy is trash cursing everyone through Mike cuz he just can't hang reported him but it came out that he did nothing. Guess it's ok to curse people out then
10 Views 2d
Playing as Alita be like: We need more ammo!
22 Views 2d
47 Views 4d
Guys😆… we’ve been waiting 4-5 months for this season. Let this new season be LIT. -hella skins -better balance -new map And a very fun hero than ever before. plss we’ve waited all this time, I don’t want to be disappointed😭😭 🙏
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