Screenshot of Tank Company
Screenshot of Tank Company
Screenshot of Tank Company
Tank Company

Tank Company Global

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Tank Company will bring the massively multiplayer tank battle experience to the palm of your hand. Here you will be an excellent tank commander, driving the steel beast, with excellent operation and superior strategy, to take the battle to the final victory!

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this game can't be played in my country (Indonesia) it's still in the pre-registration stage and I have to wait long enough to be present on this platform. I'm just begging the developer please so that this game can be present in Indonesia and can be played on various other platforms, it will make me quite happy to be able to enjoy this game and feel the sensation of playing it 100% with a pretty happy feeling :)
784 Views 2022/8/4
Товарищ генерал
Now, the Chinese R&D line will be officially launched in the competitive version of expansion pack, and 12 R&D vehicles will be launched. The new battle map "Burning Cheorwon" will also be launched, are you ready?
814 Views 2022/8/5
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China R&D line introduce
755 Views 2022/8/8
Incredibly great and refined production! I have been a tester for nearly 2 years!
215 Views 2022/8/1
This game will be a breakthrough in the market of tank mobile games. The graphics are stunning and polished, and the gameplay is enjoyable. As a tester of this game and promoter since the alpha version in December 2020, I am looking forward to the final version even though we have been waiting for it for nearly 2 years. It will be a strong competitor on the global market, all the more so because the monopoly WoT Blitz goes to the bottom and has become unplayable. NetEase do not disappoint!
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19K Views 2022/5/24
spizgany Dżony
243 Views 2022/7/27
AboutMay the game turn out to beMay the game turn out to be so to May the game turn out to be as good asMay the game turn out to be as good as it looks on the screen shots, and nkrtuj May the game turn out to be as good as it looks on the screen shots, and I have one important question on what version of android will be Tank Company?
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
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94K Views 2022/5/20
Must be released on a global scale
405 Views 2022/5/29
After getting access and playing into their first beta, I firstly thought that this game will be enjoyed by fans of War Thunder or World of Tanks (PC version). Hoping that this will be released early and would not be blocked by some big companies. Can't wait to play this game!
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