Screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite
Screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite
Screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite
Screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite
Screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite
Screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite
Screenshot of Torchlight: Infinite
Torchlight: Infinite

Torchlight: Infinite Global

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Provider XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
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Torchlight: Infinite© is the successor of the award-winning ARPG franchise Torchlight.
Build your heroes with unlimited possibilities, and dive into an epic journey with endless loot grind, adrenaline-pumping fights & challenging bosses.

With no stamina and no cooldowns, smash down incoming waves with melee attacks, blast off magical explosions and draining pools, or snipe down ranged enemies. Grind with your own battle style!

- Collect ENDLESS Loot
Unlimited drops from battles to upgrade build styles and establish your own collection. Prove your grind power by showing off in the in-game free market.

- Build UNLIMITED Playstyles
With unique heroes, 24 talent tabs, 200+ legendary gears, 240+ powerful skills, Try out infinite playstyles or strategic possibilities on hero builds. Build your very own hero!

- Trade AT WILL
Utilize the Trade house to be a part of a booming economy with an infinite amount of hero builds to trade. One hunter's trash might be another hunter's treasure!

Torchlight: Infinite is continually refreshed with new content to be discovered! New Heroes, new Builds, new Skins, new Missions, new Events, new Features, and much more to come…

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Torchlight: Infinite GM
Crows Corner Community FAQ - Nov 15th
775 Views 11/15/2023
28 Views 11/15/2023
I’ll nominate this one as my mobile ARPG
Torchlight : Infinite || Android - iOS 4K 60fps Gameplay
665 Views 11/23/2023
recommendations while I wait for tarisland mobile US?
149 Views 10/25/2023
Love open world rpg, like original wow.  PC, I've been a fan of gw2, lost ark, ESO.  I've played Diablo immortal, Torchlight infinite... Any other recs on Mobile that will hold me over until this is released?! Thanks for your help!
TapTap News
TapTap News
TapTap Official
Torchlight: Infinite | SS3 Preseason: Hunter’s Odyssey Live now!
363 Views 10/27/2023
Torchlight Infinite: Bing Dex Build
116 Views 09/16/2023
Hope you all enjoy! Since the meta has changed from previous seasons, the builds have now become more tankier!
Lư Thế Nghĩa
What's wrong with balance adjustment on Legendary items?
77 Views 09/09/2023
I log in game to check if my Legendary items' collection become legacy and found that Legendary items from the past season had been adjusted but in most weird way: the affixes that has stronger value this season still remain unchanged, but the affixes that has weaker value this season has been changed completely. Also the affixes that has been remove and replace by new affixes also be replaced. You can check Tendency of Stars (keep old value of spell critical strike rating but adjust cast speed/main skill damage per order from 0.2 to 0.08/0.06) or Valerie's Night Stroll (replace % evasion with add lightning damage but keep value of gear evasion, despite I corroded that affix) or Light Hunter Belt (replace low life damage with erosion resistance but keep the value of max energy shield and convert) and more to see that.
Agra Vain
47 Views 09/09/2023
Been playing Torchlight since torchlight 1... And its nostalgic having to play it on my mobile phone... Thanks.
TapTap Creator
588 Views 09/06/2023
55 Views 11/26/2023
Good afternoon. I have a suggestion to improve the gameplay and keep new players in the game. I have been an active player since the beginning of the first season, and it was time to gather enough information. Why do most players leave? Mainly because they don't have the ability to make a playable item build on the hero. Why is that? 1) Pricing at auction. The player knocks out the first flame, goes to the auction, sees prices for the things he needs in a couple of hundred or even thousands of this flame, and soon quits playing. 2) Most of the legendary things - useless and unnecessary garbage, which cannot be “attached” to the build and, accordingly, cannot be sold.3) crafting is not clear to beginners
That's everything for now. Start a new game?