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Screenshot of Rotaeno
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Publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Developer Dream Engine Games
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Rotaeno is a heart-pounding, thumb-tapping, wrist-flicking rhythm game that fully utilizes your device's gyroscope for an unprecedented musical experience.
Rotate your device to hit notes as you soar through the stars. Drop into your headphones and immerse yourself in the kick beats and stellar synths of this astronautical adventure!

=A Revolutionary Way to Experience Music=
What sets Rotaeno apart is all in the name - rotation! Building on the basic controls of more traditional rhythm games, Rotaeno includes notes that require smooth turns and rapid rotations to hit, making it feel like you're drifting in a highspeed interstellar stunt race. It's a real arcade experience - in the palm of your hand!

=Multi Genre Music and Beats=
Rotaeno is loaded with exclusive tracks from renowned rhythm game composers. From EDM to JPOP, KPOP to Opera, the stylistically diverse song collection contains a future favorite song for every music lover! More songs are already planned for future updates and will be released on a regular basis.

=A Journey to Find the Promised Land, Love, and Ourselves=
Follow Ilot, our heroine, on a cosmic journey through the stars, and witness her growth as she sets out on her own. Follow in the footsteps of a friend, meet locals on different planets, and save the future of Aquaria!

*Rotaeno will only function properly on devices that feature gyroscope or accelerometer support.
Concerns or feedback? Contact us: [email protected]

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New Chapter Coming Soon
2.1K Views 01/04/2023
This game is my rotator cuffs warm up before workout.
264 Views 03/12/2023
15 Views 03/07/2023
Every game I've played for the past couple of years have been so boring until I came across this game. It's so perfect, I love mobile gaming and I love rhythm games(osu, Fnf, etc.). Songs are amazing the visuals are also amazing, so is the game play, it's all so perfect, im not even exaggerating either.
Cristo Fer
3 Views 03/03/2023
One of the most innovative gameplay I've ever seen in a rhythm game
19 Views 02/04/2023
ooh I love all the games on the list but rotaeno is full of surprises, it has my vote
Not your average Rhythm game
47 Views 02/28/2023
I’m blown away on how this game looks, feels and plays! :o I’ve played rhythm games in the past but this one in particular really stands out from the rest, I’m still getting used to it because it involves your phone to be rotated so it CAN become a bit challenging, but I honestly…I’m at a lost for words.. :o I really did not expect it to be THIS good. It was well worth $2.99 I’m also really enjoying the story ☺️
Vhon Santelices
8 Views 02/22/2023
i dont have money to play dis :(
4 Views 02/20/2023
Have been paying attention for a long time
Jake W.
'Rotaeno' review
24 Views 02/12/2023
Really fun to play on your downtime. Always wanted to play it since i seen it at an arcade in Dallas, Tx in Round1. Was always fun to just watch and when you get to play it, even tho its not in english at the arcade, but once you get the menu down its easy to maneuver. Great game overall.
'Rotaeno' review
85 Views 12/07/2022
Great Rhythm game. Just the story so far is to short. It needs to be updated (only Chapter 1 awailable at the moment).
That's everything for now. Start a new game?