Screenshot of Broken Universe: Tower Defense
Screenshot of Broken Universe: Tower Defense
Screenshot of Broken Universe: Tower Defense
Screenshot of Broken Universe: Tower Defense
Broken Universe: Tower Defense

Broken Universe: Tower Defense

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Provider Jinthree Studio
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Get ready to rethink all your defense strategies! Build barricades to stop monsters, or lure them into a maze and attack. A variety of stages that change each time depending on how you play them.

■ Strategic Tower Defense
Create your own unique strategies in this tower defense with a twist. Play any way you want and any way you can think of. You even decide how each game starts by choosing where to land!

■ Unique Gameplay
Try lots of different strategies, from blocking all paths and hiding safely behind your walls, to guiding monsters down a long line of fire. Use the unique towers and barriers to come up with your own original style of play. Try blasting monsters so hard they can't approach, mixing monsters up until they can't function properly, or focusing on defense and recovery to build an impenetrable fortress. You can even try backing a bunch of monsters into a corner and wiping them all out at once, or lining them up and taking them out one-by-one.

■ Various Contents
*Colorful Planets
*Upgrades and Technology
*Various modules and fusion towers
*Powerful skills and useful items

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Electric Player
So pleasing in the eyes! Very colorful~
855 Views 02/08/2023
Chaotic Inc.
Chaotic Inc.
TapTap Creator
Broken Universe: Tower Defense First Impressions On Android
1.5K Views 02/19/2023
493 Views 02/25/2023
I want to play because i havent tried it yet
Максим Карнаухов
887 Views 02/09/2023
very cool tower defense game. Interesting mechanics, there are active and passive abilities. There are many different Units.
Broken Universe: Tower Defense | ANDROID | GAMEPLAY
2K Views 02/08/2023
Cupid Dust
A tower defense game that does not suck~
1.4K Views 02/08/2023
TapTap Editor
Think it's hard to pinpoint what makes a tower defense game great? Think again! All you need to do is look at Broken Universe! This colorful, deep tower defense title is packed with character. It has tons of themed levels, over thirty different tower/turret types, and a shockingly complex system of permanent upgrades and skill trees to unlock as you progress. I could see myself playing this for a long time.
1K Views 02/08/2023
430 Views 01/06/2022
Similar to "Carrot Fantasy" layout-style tower defense game, the player has to plan obstacles and turrets to stop the monsters from reaching the airship according to the monster's route of travel. Compared to the carrot itself, the game's strategy will be relatively hardcore a lot, mainly focusing on the richness of the turrets, attack paths and range hit, as well as the variety of monster attacks, obstacles will affect the monster's route of travel, etc. The game will also be challenging with the level difficulty index, high difficulty book has more extreme placement and play.
An interesting game that has cute characters you will surely like!
832 Views 02/08/2023
TapTap Creator
Broken Universe: Tower Defense - First Impressions/Official Launch/Is It Legit
2K Views 01/03/2022
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