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Chaotic Inc.
Chaotic Inc.
TapTap Creator
A New Quirky Cartoonish Tower Defense
1.2K Views 02/19/2023
Cupid Dust
A tower defense game that does not suck~
1.4K Views 02/08/2023
TapTap Editor
Think it's hard to pinpoint what makes a tower defense game great? Think again! All you need to do is look at Broken Universe! This colorful, deep tower defense title is packed with character. It has tons of themed levels, over thirty different tower/turret types, and a shockingly complex system of permanent upgrades and skill trees to unlock as you progress. I could see myself playing this for a long time.
1K Views 02/08/2023
As I played this game, I realized it had a steam version and that it was paid. That's right, isn't such a high-quality tower defense game actually a paid game? Its mobile version is free to play. Let's get back to business. This is a cartoon-style tower defense game. However! It differs from more traditional tower defense. The gameplay is very creative and hardcore. You can choose the location where you want your base to be, but it isn't just that simple! The more vulnerable the location is, the more resources you can get, which we call high-risk, high-return.
578 Views 01/06/2022
648 Views 01/06/2022
•Pros: 1."Nice 2D graphics and the classic game BGM" 2. You think the game is a simple tower defense, but it is never. All stages of the game have many strategies, and after clearing normal mode, you can try more difficult challenges through hard mode. 3. As an indie game developer, there are some bugs, but the speed of fixing these bugs is very fast and we pay a lot of attention to user feedback.
Electric Player
So pleasing in the eyes! Very colorful~
855 Views 02/08/2023
An interesting game that has cute characters you will surely like!
832 Views 02/08/2023
Sora Synn
Sora Synn
TapTap Creator
[Broken Universe: Tower Defense] First Impression [Android]
2.8K Views 06/23/2022
1.1K Views 01/05/2022
This is an excellent tower defense game. There are currently a total of thirty types of defense towers in the game, and you can choose 8 types of defense towers to carry in each battle. The energy will increase automatically with time and each tower can be upgraded up to LV3. The game is challenging with increasing difficulty. You can upgrade your combat power from Teac Research and Landing Pod in Lab. The game currently has 7 main chapters and 2 sub-chapters, so you can enjoy the fun of tower defense game for a while.
545 Views 01/10/2022
A pretty simple-looking tower defense game, but it's much more challenging than I expected. The mechanics are simple to understand enough. Players place towers to eliminate opponents before they can reach the base, as well as some obstacles to slow down the enemies. As usual, players can upgrade their towers too, and this makes them a lot stronger. There are eight types of towers so far, and while the variety ain't that big, I think keeping it that much is great as having too much variety can be bad for a challenging game such as this.
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